How to change administrator or user password using cmd(command prompt)

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How  to change administer or user password  using cmd (command prompt) . That are very simple way to change administer password or you can say user password .

 Flow step by step

1 click on the start button of your computer and type cmd  or simply press on your keyboard windows+r (run)  buttom.or and type cmd.exe .
you will see this type of image(see more image):-

2 Type net user in cmd and press enter button.
     Like this type of image:-

After enter button you will see this type of image :-

3 Then again type net user name (usre name whose you want to change password .)
here user name is i am typing:--    net user Administrator
please see this image carefully:=
   Now press enter,then you well see The commnd completed successfully.
   like see here

4  Now again type net user administrator * press enter
    Now you will see:----Ttype a password for the user: _
    Type carefully your password, That make sure the password will not display when you typing.
    then press enter

   and Retype the password to confrom:
   The old password should be changed....:)

  also see


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